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Langland Community School


100 Square Points

If all children are working well as a class (this includes lining up, walking quietly through school, getting straight on with work, general positive behaviour) the whole class can gain 100 square point. The children as a class decide what their reward will be (eg trip to the park, movie in the classroom, disco, PE equipment out, cinema trip). If the trip costs money the class carry out a fundraising event for it.

House Point Tokens

Each child is allocated a house for which they can earn house point tokens; there are four houses across the school. All staff members can award any child a house pint token for following our Community Code. Each child will have a house point card, with 30 square on each, with an award for reaching 30 (bronze), 60 (silver), 90 (gold) and 120 (platinum) house points. These will be awarded at the end of each half term. The house point trophy will awarded at the end of each half term to the house with the most tokens. 


Headteacher's Tea Party

Any child following the Community Code, consistently working exceptionally hard or have shown brilliant behaviour throughout the week can be nominated for the Headteacher's Tea Party. The Tea Party takes place every Friday afternoon. 


Dinner with the Deputy

Each year group will have a different week for their slot to DWTD. Invitations will be handed out by the Mid-day supervisors at any point during the week to any children who display fantastic manners in the dining hall and are following our Community Code. The special dinner will take place with the Deputy the following Monday lunchtime. 

Golden Book

Each week a child from a class can be chosen to be in the Golden Book, with a certificate to be awarded at the celebration assembly. Children are chosen who have done one of the following; an excellent piece of work, worked really hard in a specific lesson or a brilliant example of following our Community Code in the classroom. 



Class attendance will be rewarded through a whole school game of 'The Great Attendance Game'. The board is on show in the school hall. To move a space on the board, the whole class will have to have attendance of 97% or above. If a class gets 100% then they move 2 spaces. At various points around the board, there will be differing rewards throughout the game. 

100% attendance certificates for individual pupils will be awarded every term.