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Langland Community School

Langland’s Expectations and Guide for Foundation Subjects

(including Computing and Science) - 2017/18

The Connected Curriculum (CC) units ensure a broad and balanced curriculum is offered to our children. Additional long term plans (LTP) are in place for Religious Education, Physical Education, Personal, Social, Health, Education and Modern Foreign Languages (KS2) as these subjects are not covered in the CC. Therefore, these subjects are taught separately. Clear links are made within the CC for music to ensure coverage (see additional LTP to supplement the CC LTP) as well as specialist teacher input during the year. The use of the cross curricular LTP for English and Maths is expected to be followed for each unit.

In Early Years, the 7 areas of learning are taught across the week throughout the continuous provision which is led by the environment plans and gap and strength analysis.


At Langland, we use ‘Switched on Computing’ which links directly to the CC units of works. These schemes are to be annotated and adapted to meet the needs and interest of the children.



Learning for Life Skills is the predominant curriculum we use to approach our PSHE curriculum. They are a coherent set of learning units designed to ensure learners learn effectively and are well equipped for lifelong learning. The skills develop learners’ capacities in the following three skills categories:

  • Personal and Social Competencies
  • Thinking Skills
  • Communication

These units are to be annotated and adapted to meet the needs and interest of the children. Whilst embedding this new approach and to allow for a successful implementation, the SEAL units (and other schemes of work e.g. Growth Mindset) are used to ensure the children are still equipped with the skills they require to be successful citizens (see LTP).


We teach Physical Education in line with the National Curriculum through the use of specialised PE Sports coaches. Children develop their fitness and their understanding of techniques, skills and tactics that help to improve their game play and role within a team, as well as developing their skills in dance and gymnastics.



At Langland, we use the Milton Keynes agreed syllabus to map out objectives and teaching units. Religions are assigned to year groups and plan for progression of knowledge and understanding within a religion. Teachers use the LTP to plan individual lessons.



At Langland, we teach the French language. We use Rising Stars schemes of work which are to be annotated and adapted to meet the needs and interest of the children.