Langland Road, Netherfield, Milton Keynes, MK6 4HA

01908 670 712

Langland Community School

Senior Leadership Team:

Miss Donna Christy - Headteacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Jenna Austin - Deputy Headteacher / EYFS/KS1 Lead / Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Steve Tysom - Assistant Headteacher / KS2 Lead / Year 5 Teacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Rebecca Eames - Lead Practitioner

Mrs Jennifer Wright - Inclusion Manager


Ms Beverly Carlin - SEN Manager and Safeguarding Officer / Designated Safeguarding Lead



Early Years:

Mrs Sasha Wells - Berry Class Teacher

Mrs Gita Sohi - Leaf Class Teacher

Mrs Lisa Collins - Nursery Nurse

Miss Nikola Rees - Nursery Nurse


Year Two:

Miss Katie Palmer - Elm Class Teacher

Mrs Sophie Stimpson - Fir Class Teacher

Miss Jessica O'Flynn - Fir Class Teacher

Miss Holly Hollingworth - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss Sarah Lang - Learning Support Assistant


Year Four:

Mrs Thelma Mohamed - Chestnut Class Teacher

Mrs Laura Clark - Pine Class Teacher

Mr Andrew Smith - Acorn Class Teacher

Mrs Tracy Attrill - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Vetna Brahmbhatt - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Kelly White - Learning Support Assistant


Year Six:

Mr Paul Carter - Beech Class Teacher

Mr Richard Knowles - Sycamore Class Teacher

Mrs Sarah Lousada - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Amanda Nicholas - Learning Support Assistant




Office and Premises:

Mrs Jo Chamberlain - School Business Manager

Mr Rahul Patel - Finance Officer

Mrs Janet Bunce - Administrator

Miss Danielle Pillatt - Administrator

Mr Daniel Welford - Site Manager 



Mr Dave Moulson - Chair of Governors

Mr Terry Collett - Vice Chair of Governors

Mrs Valerie Cox

Mrs Susan Marshall

Dr Sharon Ding

Mr Brian Rabe

Governors Schedule of Delegations 2017-18

Governors' details and attendance

Governance roles in other schools & Pecuniary Interests 2017/2018


Year One:

Mrs Jennifer Lynch - Ash Class Teacher

Mrs Louise Van Lelyveld - Oak Class Teacher

Mrs Kim Dachtler - Nursery Nurse

Mrs Rekha Patel - Nursery Nurse


Year Three:

Mrs Laura Weatherall - Apple Class Teacher

Mrs Clare Murray - Willow Class Teacher

Mrs Wendy O'Neill - Learning Support Assistant

Miss Abigail Reeves Hill - Learning Support Assistant



Year Five:

Miss Rolaine Manne - Cedar Class Teacher

Mr David Taylor - Rowan Class Teacher

Mrs Yvonne Lyman - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Louise Varnham - Learning Support Assistant




Additional Staff:

Mr Steve Oliver - Senior Learning Mentor

Miss Jacquie MacIntyre - Learning Mentor

Mrs Elaine Duke - Learning Mentor

Miss Charlotte Jones - Sports Coordinator / Extended Services

Miss Alicia Martinez - Sports Coordinator / Extended Services

Mrs Jayshree Odedra - Language Assistant


 Midday Supervisors:

Miss Sophie Crawford

Miss Emily HIll

Miss Kimberley HIll

Mrs Jeanette Adderley

Mrs Julie Fisher

Miss Donna Passmore