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Langland Community School


Give our school meals a try!

Aspens is the chosen catering partner for Langland Community School.  We are passionate about serving fresh, high quality and locally sourced ingredients in our meals.  We have a team of experienced and creative chefs that keep our menus exciting and tasty for your child to enjoy. 


The Aspens App

All the meals will be ordered and paid for online either through the APP or on the Aspens website

This is ideal for parents to check out what’s on offer for lunch with just a couple of presses on your smartphone. It’s simple enough – just search for the app at the App Store, install, add the unique PIN relating to your particular school and you will be able to view the current menu. 

Ask a member of the team or at the school office for your number.


Menu cycle

We operate a three-week menu cycle to work in line with the school terms.  We change the menu in September, January and at Easter and we take the feedback from our customers to build our next cycle.  Popular dishes remain but we do like to encourage new tastes and dishes and we work hard with the children to help them on their food journey.


NEW pick and mix packed lunch

 We understand that some parents may wish to give their child a hot meal for their evening meal and therefore choose to give their child a sandwich for their lunch.  We have also been asked by a number of children to offer a sandwich as an option as an alternative to the salad bar.

It is also promoted using our Bubble and Squeak characters and operates as a pick and mix menu.  Pupils choose a sandwich filling (tuna, cheese or ham), some veggie bites, a home bake and a piece of fruit.  

 This is available every day so if there is something on the menu that your child does not like, let them know they can choose one of our packed lunches instead.


Salad and yoghurt bar

 Our salad trolley has a wide range of salad options for them to choose and we encourage them to try some with their meal.

 We have also recently launched a daily yoghurt bar using homemade yoghurt.  We have a range of toppings for the children to add to make it fun for them.  They can add chopped fruit, fruit coulis, raisins, pieces of flapjack or home bakes.  This has been well received by the students.


Free school meals

 All children that are in reception, year 1 and year 2 are entitled to receive UNIVERSAL FREE SCHOOL MEALS! We think it’s a fantastic idea so please make sure you support this initiative.

Not only will you be saving money, but you will also be giving your child a nutritionally balanced meal to fuel their bodies for the rest of their learning day.   

 Please note this is not to be confused with FREE SCHOOL MEALS which is an entitlement that some children can receive due to their parents/carers circumstances. If you feel you may be entitled to receive FREE SCHOOL MEALS you should apply online with Milton Keynes Council.

 Please ensure you register for Free Schools meals on the Milton Keynes Council Website.


If you need any help, please contact the school office on 01908 670712


Get in touch

Aspens are experts in school catering and have years of experience when it comes to school food.  If you have any questions about our service, or any special dietary requirements - please get in touch.

You can contact us via email on or call on 01905 759613.  You will also find a host of information on our website –