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Please remember that PE is on a Wednesday and children must come into school in full PE kit. 

Please make sure that all jumpers and cardigans are named as we have a lot of unclaimed ones floating about the classroom. 

Monday 12th December - KS1 Nativity 

 Thank you to all those parents who attended the Phonics Parents Workshop on Tuesday! I hope it was useful :-)

Welcome to Amazing Ash!


What can we do to save the ash tree in Britain? | Trees and forests | The  Guardian




Here you will find some useful resources to support your child with their learning at home.

Please come and speak to me with any questions.

Year 1 Common Exception Words.pdf  (words that the children should be able to read and spell by the end of Year 1)

100 Square.pdf

Make or Break 10.pdf

Ten Tips for Reading.pdf

Now here is what Year 1 have been getting up to... 

Autumn 2

 Well done Year 1, another busy week completed! 

This week has been a challenging week for some of our children with lots of us feeling unwell at times so well done to you all for your resilience and perseverance despite how  you have felt and for those who had to stay at home, we hope you feel better and look forward to seeing you back in school on Monday. 

In maths this week, the children have been continuing to use part whole models to support their understanding of addition and the relationships between numbers. We are using the language of part, whole, equals, same as, plus, add and more. We have also started to move from the ten frame to a number line and learning that when we are adding, we can place our finger on the first addend and jump along the number line to add more. Next week we are moving on to finding a part and learning all our number bonds to 10. You can support at home by practicing these number facts: 

0+10          10+0

1+9             9+1

2+8             8+2

3+7             7+3

4+6             6+4


In English, we are beginning to innovate our model text of How To Catch a Star. We had a go at thinking of as many ways as we could to catch a star of our very own... we could climb a ladder, jump on a trampoline or even ask a giant! Next week we will begin to write down our ideas to create a new class version. 

In Geography we looked at an aerial view of Netherfield and surrounding areas. We discussed what physical and human features we could identify from the map which the children were brilliant at. 

The children were amazing at identifying the parts of the body in our Science lesson. Over the next few weeks we will be investigating our five senses and using lots of lovely activities to test each one. 

Thank you to all the children for joining in with Children in Need on Friday from what they were wearing through to completing our sponsored challenge of how many jumps we can do in one minute. We raised a fabulous amount for such an important charity. 





Well, what a week it has been! The children have worked so hard this week despite a few slight changes to their usual timetable. They have all grown in so much confidence with their writing and this week we completed our unit on How to Catch a Star in English, with an innovated class story. Each child has written their story and I am so impressed with the progress that they have all made in their writing using our everyday toolkit to guide them of capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and the ability to keep rechecking their sentences as they write them to make sure that they make sense to the reader. I can't wait to start our next unit and for them to keep showing off just how amazing they are!

We also started to learn our number bonds to ten this week which the children are just brilliant at. They are really starting to see and understand the relationship between numbers. Please continue to practise these key skills with the children using games such as 'ping pong' (you say ping, they say pong, you say a number such as '3' and they have to say the corresponding number to 10 so '7'). Being able to recall key facts quickly will really support your children moving forward. Please see they 'useful resources' tab for more suggestions :-)

In Science we have started to explore our 5 senses in more depth, beginning with our sense of smell. The children were invited to smell some different scents and tried to guess what each one was. We then made some smelly playdough which meant the classroom smelt like a spa! 

In Geography the children are beginning to identify the difference between physical and human geography features... ask them to explain the differences to you! They are excellent at sorting places based on their geographical features. 

Next week, we are going to begin practicing our nativity which is exciting and means Christmas is just around the corner! We will be sharing the roles with the children and most of them will have one or two lines to say. For these parts we will mostly practise in school however should your child come home with any lines then please encourage them to practise along with any song sheets we send home too. 

Thank you Year 1 for another fantastic week! 

Autumn 1

Wow! What an incredible start to Year One we have had! Miss Kim, Miss Hill and I are so proud of how well the children have settled in this week. They have been introduced to a new teacher, a new classroom, a new part of the school and new routines and they have done so with great resilience and positivity! We are so excited for this half term. 

So far this week, we have been writers, explorers, construction workers, mathematicians, historians and artists plus more. 

In Maths we are discovering how to sort objects in to different groups as well as counting and writing numbers up to 10. 

In History, we are beginning to learn all about Queen Elizabeth II which has begun with the incredibly sad news of her passing however, we will continue to learn about her life and the impact she had on the world. 

The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring our outdoor area using the large construction to build Buckingham Palace, our homemade Kerplunk to help with collaborative play, team work and to help us strengthen our bodies ready for writing, and our mud kitchen which has been a huge hit too! 

Year One, thank you for being so amazing this week!


Amazing Ash have been super busy this week!

Our model text in English this term is The Queens Hat by Steve Antony. In this story, the Queen's hat is carried away in the wind so we began the unit by making and trying to fly some fantastic kites and discussed the meaning of some vocabulary linked to things flying in the wind such as soar, float, swept, whooshed. We are able to retell the story using our story map and are excellent at sequencing the story. Some of us also began to write some sentences about the pictures!

In History, we looked at pictures of The Queen throughout her life and sequenced them to create a timeline of key events. 

We are also getting very good at Kinetic Letters. This week we have mastered being strong lizards and have learnt how to position our whiteboards, hold our pens and use our helping hand to form the letter h... down, bump, back up, push over, down. bump, flick! 


What a fabulous week we have had in Ash class!

In English, we went on an adjective hunt where we found lots of natural treasure and challenged ourselves to describe them using lots of lovely vocabulary! We came up with some super describing words. We then used our knowledge of adjectives to write some sentences describing what we could see on a variety of London images. 

We had a visit from a parrot who made an appearance in our curiosity cuboid! Every time we spoke to him, he repeated what we said and flapped his arms. He helped us in our science lesson to ensure we were all able to label the parts of a bird! Some of us went on to use the playdough to create our own beautiful birds. 

We are also strengthening our power packs on a daily basis which is really helping us with our handwriting. Our kinetic letter sessions have already improved some of our pencil grips and handwriting! 


Well done Year 1! This week you have truly lived up to our class name of Amazing Ash!! 

In English this week, we have been writing sentences using the common exception words ‘the’ and ‘I’ as well adjectives and prepositions to describe what we can see within different settings. 

In maths, we have been comparing groups, objects and numbers using the language of greater/more than, fewer/less than and equals/same. In our fluency sessions, the children have been using their knowledge of 5 to work out what the missing parts are on the part part whole models! 

In history, we continue to remember Queen Elizabeth II through exploring key events within her life. This week we created a timeline that represented her life from the day she was born to the day she passed away. 

We all thoroughly enjoyed our art lesson this week. We practised our work on tone from last week then learnt all about lines, drawing wavy lines, zig zags, horizontal, diagonal and vertical lines, cross hatching plus many more! 

Finally, we were lucky enough to have a small visitor to our class! Mrs Atrill very kindly brought Terry the Tortoise into see us which was amazing. We all got to have a stroke of Terry and to ask Mrs Atrill lots of questions. 

Well done Year 1, another wonderful week of learning and exploring!



Year 1 have had another busy week of learning this week!

We completed our unit of work in Talk for Writing by innovating our model text The Queen's Hat and have all written a fabulous story renamed The King's Hat. The children have all worked hard on structuring their sentences using capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and we have seen some beautiful handwriting. We also added prepositions and adjectives to make our writing even more interesting for the reader. 

In maths, we are continuing to compare numbers identifying which number is greater than, less/fewer than or equal to using the symbols < > and =. 

In history, we looked at the toys that the Queen used to play with when she was a little girl and compared them to the toys that we play with at home. Then in science, we explored the question... What do reptiles do with their tongues? Ask us what we found out.... 

Next week we will be performing two harvest songs; Big Red Combine Harvester and Cauliflowers Fluffy. I have attached both so please feel free to practise with your child. The music can be found on youtube. 

Looking forward to another brilliant week next week!


This week, Year 1 began a new story in Talk for Writing called How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers. We began the unit by watching some short video clips that showed some character catching stars... What were they doing? Why were they collecting them? What were they going to do with them? 

We then discovered a surprise package that had fragile written on it and inside was the most magical thing! Two beautiful, sparkling stars covered in moon dust! We couldn't believe our eyes. After we had spent some time discussing the discovery, we created our own watercolour paintings using liquid watercolours and salt which created a really fun effect. We have also made moon dough, taken a rocket to the moon, made a wish upon a star and created a fantastic star poem. 

In science this week, we had fun dissecting poo! The children weren't so sure at first but once they realised that it wasn't really poo, they got stuck in to pulling it apart searching for clues that would tell us if the animal that left it was a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. Well done for embracing the poo! 

Finally, our art work just keeps getting better and better. So far this term we have looked at tone, line and crosshatching. This week we focussed on stippling which we are all very good at! Our art books look fabulous. 

Another amazing week for Year 1. 


As we come to the end of this half term, we wanted to say a huge well done to each and every one of our Year One class family! You have all worked incredibly hard and we couldn't be prouder of you all. 

We have had such wonderful last week! 

This week we have made salt dough stars and decorated them, learnt all about Diwali from Ms Minal and made some beautiful Diwali lamps. We have used Purple Mash to create a fact file about Queen Elizabeth II and to complete our Science topic about animals, we had a visit from Mr Rice who brought in some of his amazing snakes, a gecko and a cockroach. We all stepped out of our comfort zones to stroke the snakes which was a fantastic experience. 

We also really enjoyed performing Cauliflower's Fluffy and Big Red Combine Harvester in front of the rest of the school during our Harvest Festival assembly. 

Miss Kim, Miss Hill and I wish you all a very happy half term! Have a wonderful time filled with lots of exciting things and we look forward to hearing all about it when you return to school on Tuesday 1st November.