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Year 2

Take a look at what Year 2 have been doing so far this term. 

Year 2 notices

PE days for year 2 is Thursday.

Homework should be returned to school on a Friday to be marked and for children to receive new spellings. 

Spelling tests take place on a Monday. 

Autumn 2

Welcome back year 2, we are so excited to have you back in school!

We have done some fantastic learning and exploring this week. We have been exploring different materials in science and finding out the different properties of materials inside and outside of the classroom.

In maths we have continued practicing our column method for addition and subtraction, we are becoming such superstars at this! In T4W we are getting closer and closer to writing our own non-chronological reports, we have been discussing all that we learnt about snakes in our reptile visit for us to write a great non-chronological report all about snakes.

In DT we have started preparing and planning for our puppet making, all children had a go at designing their own puppet and over the weeks will be following steps to make their design come to life.

We finished off the week with some Guy Fawkes activities, we learnt all about who Guy Fawkes was and the gunpowder plot that he and his fellow plotters had planned for the houses of parliament. We did all of this with a hot chocolate and biscuit in hand- is there any other way?

Well done for a great first week back year 2, have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

A big well done to Excellent Elm for a fantastic week!

This week we have worked hard on our writing and have made a start to writing our own non-chronological reports all about snakes. We have been able to look back on all the information we gathered about snakes over the weeks and have used our everyday toolkit and non-chronological report toolkit to make our writing the best that it can be.

In DT we got crafty and created our own finger puppets. This gave us the opportunity to practice some scissor skills and we also enjoyed creating cool and colourful designs for our puppets. We worked hard to make sure that the front of our puppets matched what we had designed for the back.

In science we learnt about Charles Macintosh who was an inventor who invented the first ever waterproof material using rubber and a chemical called ‘Naphtha’. We created posters all about Charles Macintosh and why his work is so important for us today.

And lastly, a BIG thank you to all of those grown ups who attended our remembrance day assembly. We are so proud of all of the KS1 children who were all so courageous by standing at the front of the hall and sharing all that they had learnt about Remembrance Day.

Well done again for a fantastic week year 2!

Another fantastic week from year 2!

This week we had some exciting visitors from Service Six who spoke to us all about bullying. We really showed off our knowledge by giving them a definition of bullying and were able to explain that bullying is something that happens repeatedly, not just once. We did a fun activity which helped us list the people that we trust.

We worked very hard on our hot write this week and have finished all our work on non-chronological reports. Next, we will be looking at the text ‘Supertato’. In Geography I was blown away at the children’s knowledge of the 7 continents and 5 oceans, we even learnt some songs to make sure we never forget them- see if your children can remember the songs!

At the end of the week, we celebrated Children in Need. We had a very spotty classroom, and I was so amazed at some of the efforts that both children and parents went to! We made some very cool Pudsey masks and took part in the sponsored spot jump and absolutely smashed it.

I am so proud of all the year 2’s this week and can’t wait for us to have another great week. See you soon!

Wow what a week year 2! A massive well done to all of our year 2 children that worked so hard on their NTS papers this week! I am so proud of all the hard work that has been put in by everyone!

Although it felt like the NTS papers were our main focus this week, we got up to lots of other fun activities too. In science we carried out our science experiment that we had planned in the previous week, we were looking for the most suitable material to wear out in the rain. We made predictions first, then tested our materials. The 6 materials we tested were:

  • Orange peel,

  • Paper,

  • Tissue,

  • Tin foil

  • Plastic

  • felt

After this, we were able to write up our results. Ask your child what we found within our experiment.

We finished off the week practicing our mouse skills in computing. We have been focusing on using the trackpad to help us draw pictures. To do this we need to use our less dominant finger to press and hold the trackpad, while our dominant fingers navigates the cursor. Try and get children to practice this at home by typing into the google search bar.

Next week, we are going to begin practicing our nativity which is exciting and means Christmas is just around the corner! We will be sharing the roles with the children and most of them will have one or two lines to say. For these parts we will mostly practise in school however should your child come home with any lines then please encourage them to practise along with any song sheets we send home too.

Well done year 2 for another fantastic week, keep it up!

Autumn 1

This week Excellent Elm have had a fantastic first week back to school. They have adapted well to the new changes to routines and school life.

Throughout the week we have started looking at new topics where all the children have shown great resilience and knowledge.

At the end of the week, we learnt about the life of Queen Elizabeth. As a class we have created a piece of artwork that will be taken to Buckingham Palace to show our respects.

This week has been a great week for Excellent Elm. We have done some great learning and explored so much in all subject areas.

In science we have been able to experiment with different materials to see if they bend, stretch, squash or twist. We have also explored how different materials change shape when heated and why they do this. In history, we have also been exploring the development of Milton Keynes throughout the years and as a team were able to create our own timeline to show the changes through the years. The children have also had a go at building their own Milton Keynes structures, such as the point.

As a school we have been focussing on our handwriting and so far, year 2 have been smashing it with how eager they are. After learning how to strengthen our power pack and learning to use the correct pencil grip, we were able this week to finally put all our hard work to practise using our brand-new Kinetic Letters whiteboards and whiteboard pens. This week we have been practising the letter formation of ‘h’ and ‘b’.


Although it has been a short week this week, Excellent Elm have been super busy! This week we have started to innovate our model text in Talk For Writing, so far we have made some great changes for both our class write and independent writes.

We have also been working very hard in maths as we come to the end of our place value unit and have been using concrete resources to help support learning independently. In science this week we have been experimenting with different material and looking at whether different items do not change shape at all, change shape and stay changed or change shape and change back.

We have been continuing practice with out Kinetic Letters handwriting and have been working really hard to perfect our writing positions in class. Next week we will be starting to learn new letters from ‘Abracadabra family’ starting with the letter C.


Well done to Excellent Elm for another fantastic week of learning!

This week we have achieved so much. We became historians in history and looked at a variety of artefacts based on the history of Milton Keynes, and used some great team work skill to complete a piece of work as a group.

In T4W Elm have started innovating their text, they have been so creative with their writing and have made some fantastic changes so far, this really shows within their writing.

In maths we have started looking at addition and subtraction this week, and again using concrete resources to support us. We have worked so hard to use the knowledge that we have built in year 1 to support our year 2 learning.

In science we have started to prepare for an experiment that will be taking place next week. We have been thinking scientifically and have put a plan into place to ensure that we create a ‘fair test’ when we carry out our experiment.

Well done for a great week of learning year 2!


Well done year 2 for a fantastic week yet again.

We have had a super time of working hard this past week. We have been practicing our mathematical skills and taking addition and subtraction to the next level. In T4W we prepared ourselves for an independent piece of writing which we carried out on Friday. We are so proud of the amazing work that Excellent Elm produced.

In art this week we completed an observational drawing of the Royal Albert Hall which came out fantastically! All children paid close attention to the fine details of the model picture they were given.

In science we carried out an experiment. We were looking to find which materials would break when twisted too much and which we would eventually not be able to twist anymore. Ask us which materials broke and which ones became too hard to twist.

We are looking forward to another fantastic week next week, keep it up Elm!


This week, year 2 have started a new T4W focus looking at a non-chronological report all about meerkats. On Thursday our classroom was filled with meerkats as we got artistic and completed observational drawings of these cute, fury animals within their habitats.

In science this week we worked incredibly hard to write a conclusion for the experiment we carried out last week. We were able to use some great scientific terms and could explain which materials twisted the most and which twisted the least.

We look forward to next week and all the fun things we have planned, well done year 2!


What a busy last week of term we have had in year 2!

We started our week with a few special visitors in our class, a big thanks to Mr Rice who brought 3 snakes, a Bauer’s Chameleon Gecko and a cockroach! Year 2 were all so brave, every one of us had a go at feeling the snakes- they were smooth and scaly.

Within the week we celebrated Diwali by creating our own Diya’s using salt dough and decorated them with paint and glitter. This week, we completed our final art pieces, we put together everything that we had been working on for the last 6 weeks by drawing a 3D building, they came out fantastically.

We enjoyed taking part in the harvest festival assembly and singing our song ‘Conkers’ to the whole school.

At the end of the week, we had great fun taking part in a play dough activity, this helps us build the strength in our hands which supports our handwriting. Here’s a link to the video we used if you would like to do this with the year 2’s at home-

A massive well done to all the year 2’s this half term, Miss Minal and I hope that you all have a lovely half term, stay safe and we will see you soon!