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Year 3

Take a look at what Year 3 have been doing so far this term.

This term PE is on a Friday, Children must come in wearing their PE kit.

Welcome back!

The children have had a fantastic first week in Year 3. They have settled into our new routines and risen confidently to the challenges a new academic year presents. It has been lovely to see their smiling faces every morning as they come into school eager to learn.

In Talk for Reading we have been focussing on extracting information from illustrations and using evidence to justify our opinions.

In Maths the children have been exploring place value using practical resources. They have explored the fact that 10 tens are 100 and used art straws to prove this fact.

In Talk for Writing this half term we are focussing on description. This week the children have begun to create their description toolkit and have practised using expanded noun phrases and alliteration in their work.

Thank you for sending your children into school in school uniform. They have all looked very smart!

Have a great weekend,


Miss O’Flynn

The children’s first full week in Year 3 has been a successful one. They were successful in their spelling test on Monday and had some great scores. Thank you to all the parents who have supported them with learning these words.

We began this half terms History unit on the Stone Age and the children assumed the role of archaeologists considering a variety of historical artefacts. They worked in teams to decide what they thought each object was, what it may have been used for and what it was made from.

In Science the children really engaged with our new topic of light. They learned about different light sources and categorised them into man-made and natural. We also found out that the moon is not a light source and that it definitely is not made of cheese!

I have already received some completed homework which is fantastic!

This week has been another fantastic week for Champion Chestnut!

The children have been working hard in Maths and have been learning to represent numbers to 1,000 in a variety of ways and to partition 3 digit numbers flexibly.

In Talk for Writing the children have been focussing on creating character descriptions with a focus on giants. They used an extract from The Iron Man to help them develop the distinctive features of their own giant and then used this to create a whole class senses poem. It was rather gruesome but extremely effective!

In Science the children have been learning about translucent, transparent and opaque objects and explored how shadows are formed.

Have a lovely weekend. I am looking forward to more great learning and fun with the children next week.


Miss O’Flynn

What a busy week we have had in Champion Chestnut this week!

In both Talk for Writing and Talk for Reading we have been focussing on poetry. We have been learning to read with prosody and to write our own senses and I am poems.

In Science we have continued investigating light and shadows. We investigated whether we could change the size of a shadow without moving an object. Through careful scientific investigation the children discovered that if they moved the light source closer to the object its shadow got bigger.

In History we moved on from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and learned about how peoples lives changed during this time.

However, despite all of the wonderful learning opportunities I think the highlight for the children was the opening of the new sandpit. The children had a fantastic time in there on Thursday afternoon!

This week the children have made me really proud. They have worked hard in all lessons and really have been their best. In maths we have been consolidating our understanding of place value by comparing and ordering 3 digit numbers. The children have become increasingly confident and are ready to begin our addition and subtraction unit next week.

In English we have been learning the text map for Elf Road. Ask your child to show you at home – they are great at it! We have also learned about prepositions and practised writing expanded noun phrases. Next week, we will begin applying the skills we have been learning and innovate our model text.

In History, we have moved from the Bronze to the Iron Age and began finding out about the differences between the two eras. We will be completing a drama activity next week, which I hope will bring this period to life for the children.

In this weeks science lesson we considered why the sun’s rays are harmful and what we can do to protect ourselves from them. We went on to discuss the properties the materials the lenses of sunglasses would need to have.

Have a fantastic, fun weekend,

Miss O’Flynn

I have been incredibly proud of the children this week. On Wednesday we took part in the Harvest Festival assembly and the children were fantastic. They sang Cauliflowers Fluffy beautifully. It was lovely to see how confident they all were.

In English we have been innovating Elf Road in preparation for the children’s independent write next week. They have demonstrated that they are able to apply the literary techniques we have been practising this half term, including prepositional phrases, similes, and alliteration. I cannot wait to read their hot tasks next week.

We have visited the library again this week and every child should now have a reading book. It would be fantastic if you could encourage your child to read each day and discuss what they have read with them. This will help to boost their confidence and comprehension skills.

In Art the children had a look at cubism and tried to create a portrait in the cubist style using pastels. They are looking forward to creating self portraits in the cubist style next week.

We have had another busy and productive week in Champion Chestnut. On Tuesday we had our Maths Be our Best event and we were delighted that so many adults came in to learn maths games we can play at home and to support us in TT Rockstars. The children loved sharing what they have been learning this half term with their adults. Thank you to everyone that helped make the event a success.

In English, the children created their own portal story based on Elf Road with a focus on setting description. On Friday, the children published their work in their new publishing books. I was really impressed with the care and focus the children showed during this process.

On Friday afternoon, the children took part in a pyjama and cupcake party. The children earned this reward by completing their class hundred square this half term. It was a great way to conclude a fun and successful half term.

I wish you all a fun and restful half term,


Miss O’Flynn

This week we have been focussing on consolidating our understanding of place value and addition and subtraction in Maths. The children have been working extremely hard to consolidate column addition and subtraction including regrouping and exchanging. Please ask your children to demonstrate their knowledge at home.

In Talk for Writing the children have begun to innovate our model text Poppy’s Diary in preparation for the children creating their Hot Write in two weeks time.

The children were very excited to experiment with different fonts in DT in preparation for creating our own pop-up books to share with the children in Early Years. They chose their favourites to create collages from. Next week they will begin planning the pages of their storybooks.

This week has been a successful one in Champion Chestnut. The children have worked hard to complete NTS assessments in reading, arithmetic, mathematical reasoning and grammar, punctuation and spelling. The children approached these papers with confidence and resilience.

In Geography, the children continued to examine the pros and cons of the HS2 development. This week they focussed on the human impact of the project.

In computing the children considered the benefits of electronic devices. They painted a picture of a tree and then tried to produce the same picture on the laptops using the paint program. The children enjoyed this activity. Please ask your child which method they found more effective.

This week lots of children have been absent due to illness. However, we have still completed lots of learning and we wish those who have been poorly a rapid recovery.

The children completed their Hot Write inspired by Poppy’s Diary by Pi Corbett and published this in their publishing books. I was very impressed with both the quality and presentation of their work. Next week we will begin our new Talk for Writing poetry unit which we will complete between now and the Christmas break.

It has been a very creative week for the children. They completed their pop-up books in DT and will be sharing these with the children in Early Years next week. In RE we completed our unit on Christianity by looking at the Christmas story and creating stained glass windows to reflect the message of the story.

In Maths we have continued our multiplication and division unit and have been looking at the 4 and 8 times tables. Please encourage your child to practise their times tables at home by playing TT Rockstars. If your child is unsure of their log in please encourage them to ask.

Have a great weekend,

Miss O’Flynn

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