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Langland Community School

North Star

The Langland North Star, which underpins our curriculum, was developed alongside all stakeholders and has been adopted by the children. It is shared with all staff, children and stakeholders at the beginning of each school year and woven through all aspects of school life e.g. Continual Professional Development and our Behaviour Blueprint. Children know the high expectations for their current year’s end points and what they are working towards for the next stage of their education.

In order to implement an effective and consistent curriculum, weekly training for teachers and support staff addresses gaps in subject knowledge and develops the quality of teaching. All training has an aspect of SEND support, which supports the implementation of curriculum areas for children with specific needs.

Across all of our subjects, the use of talk partners are used to encourage purposeful discussion to support the articulation of ideas, encourage problem solving, and advance the children’s thinking, which helps develop the children’s working memory.

As a foundation to our learning, a strong emphasis is placed on our school expectations: Be Ready... Be Respectful... Be Safe... establishing a positive learning environment. Our school environment allows the children to focus on their learning, supporting them to know and remember more, for example, the use of appropriate resources, Toolkits to share end points, and working walls and washing lines to sequence knowledge and skills.


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