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Langland Community School

Discrete Curriculum 


At Langland Community School, we use the Charanga teaching and learning platform to deliver our Music Curriculum. Our teaching is based on listening and appraising; musical creating and exploring and singing and performing.  


Computing is taught using Purple Mash and the key themes are concepts are internet and email communications, coding and computational thinking, databases and graphing, art and design, music, writing and presenting, spreadsheets, communication and networks and online safety.   


We teach physical education in line with the National Curriculum through the use of PE Sports coaches. Children develop their fitness and their understanding of techniques, skills and tactics that help to improve their game play and role within a team, as well as developing their skills in swimming, dance and gymnastics. Break-time and lunch-time offer opportunities for further physical activities. 


At Langland Community School, we use the Milton Keynes Religious agreed syllabus to map out objectives and teaching units. All variety of Religions are taught across the school with plans for progression of knowledge and understanding, with repetition of key concepts e.g. Believing, Belonging and Behaving.   


We teach Spanish to Year 3 and 4 and French to Year 5 and 6. We use our school Curriculum Map which has drawn on a range of schemes of work and resources, which have been adapted to meet the needs and interest of the children and allows children to build on prior knowledge. 

Music Long Term Overview 

PE Long Term Overview 

Languages Long Term Overview 

Computing Long Term Overview 

RE Long Term Overview