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Langland Community School

Year 3 & 4

Dear Year 3 & 4,

 We’re sad we won’t be seeing for the rest of this week.


Please see the instructions for your maths, English and theme work below and complete your home learning as best you can. There will be Class Charts points for work completed to a high standard!


Have a great half term and stay safe!




Miss Martinez, Mrs Koomson, Miss Saad & Miss Richardson


Practise your times tables using TTRS. You could also:

  • Go on TT RockStars and take part in the girls vs boys challenge (password and username sent home in the Home Learning pack).
  • Complete 3-digit column Addition and Subtraction worksheets.


2Do: Use your knowledge about volcanoes to answer the Purple Mash Quiz.


How to represent a volcanic eruption through dance:

You are going to commentate on a volcanic eruption! Watch this clip:

This is the clip you will commentate on.


Now, watch the first part of David Attenborough commentating on a volcanic eruption:

When you commentate on the dancing and music, you will need to stand close to your audience, looking at them and speaking clearly and slowly. Look over your shoulders at the volcano every now and then, and then turn back to the audience. This is what David Attenborough does when he is speaking to the camera. 



  • Can you create volcano art in the style of Margaret Godfrey?


Play a board game with your family. Can everyone take turns and listen to each other? Games such as monopoly and snakes and ladders will really help with your maths skills. A game like Cluedo will really help with your memory, problem solving and inference skills.                                                                        



2Create a Story:

Using Purple Mash combine your words, pictures, sounds and animations to create your own adventure story. Remember to use expanded noun phrases and powerful verbs to make your story more interesting.  



This term we have been learning about mountains. Read the text about Ben Nevis and answer the following questions:


  1. What does Ben Nevis mean?
  2. How many people climb the Ben Nevis every year?
  3. What is the pile of stones at the summit of the mountain for?


Ghost spelling

Write your spelling words on white paper with a white crayon. Then colour over your words with a marker pen and watch your spelling words magically appear!


Group 1: blue, clue, true, rescue, drew, new, few, grew, flew, threw.

Group 2: even, break, steak, great, move, prove, improve, sure, sugar, eye.

Group 3: address, busy, business, heart, fruit, breathe, strange, complete, extreme, forwards.

Group 4: calendar, grammar, regular, particular, peculiar, popular, consider, remember, quarter, integer.