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Langland Community School

Be Our Best to Achieve Our Best!



At Langland Community School, we follow the three simple rules above to help us all, 'Be Our Best'.

Rules are everywhere in home, on the road, in the work place, swimming pools. The classroom is a society of people and rules help provide structure and security. . Therefore, there must be rules to guide the behaviour and attitudes of our children to help them be great citizens now and in the future. Following our simple and easy to remember rules, helps create an environment where the children feel safe and are able to learn and flourish.

Ready for learning, ready to listen, ready to go to lunch etc.

Showing respect to their peers, to adults, to their environment, to themselves.

Safe in their learning environment, safe with the people around them, safe in the activities they take part in, keeping themselves safe.

The Langland Way

Our school rules: Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe

Be Ready…

  • We arrive at school on time every day – be a HERO
  • We get to our lessons on time
  • We are smart and proud, wearing our uniform with pride and having the right clothes for PE
  • We make sure we have the right equipment for all lessons
  • We are ‘Langland Listeners’
  • We take an active part in school life, showing curiosity, courage and resilience
  • We want to do well and are ambitious in all we do – Be Our Best!

Be Respectful…

  • We always listen to adults and our peers when they are talking
  • We always follow adult instructions
  • We accept that our choices have consequences
  • We are considerate, polite and show good manners to everyone
  • We respect difference and know that we are all equal
  • We look after our equipment and share it
  • We line up and sit sensibly in and around our school, and tidy up after ourselves
  • We are calm and orderly walking around the school
  • We are honest and always tell the truth

Be Safe…

  • We follow instructions – first time, every time
  • We speak out about abuse and bullying of any kind, and tell an adult – everyone has the right to be safe
  • We are calm and orderly walking around the school
  • We know who to go to for help and support
  • We stay safe online and outside of school
  • We keep our minds and bodies healthy


We follow ‘The Langland Way’

We are always Safe, we are always Ready, we are always Respectful!