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Children are growing up in world where there is increasing awareness of diversity of religious and non-religious worldviewsIt is therefore vital that the RE curriculum provides a rigorous and rich study of religious and non-religious worldviews. A quality RE curriculum creates another space for respect, exploration and understanding of the diversity of world views and belief systems. “RE is an important curriculum subject. It is important in its own right and it also makes a unique contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils and supports wider community cohesion.” (Religious Education in English Schools: Non-statutory guidance 2010)Learning about religion and worldviews will help the children to develop respect, understanding and empathy for others. They will be provided with a safe space in which to have deep, meaningful discussions during which they learn to respectfully understand, challenge and accept differing viewpointsto reflect critically and responsibly on their own spiritual, philosophical and ethical convictions.


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