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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 Awesome Apple!


  • PE is on Tuesdays - please wear your kit to school on this day
  • Homework is collected and marked every Friday
  • Spelling tests are every Monday
  • Please remember to read everyday at home and to practise time tables on TT Rockstars

Now, lets take a look at what Year 4 have been doing so far this year...

Autumn Two 

Welcome back to another wonderful term here in Year 4 Awesome Apple! We have come back from our October break full of energy and enthusiasm for all our new topics, and it has been a fantastic week.

In Talk for Writing, we started learning our new text ‘The Day I Met the Mighty Aslan’: an exciting first-person newspaper recount about meeting a lion. We investigated the vocabulary used in the text and stole a sentence pattern from it to write some great sentences of our own!

We have moved on to subtraction in Maths which, despite being quite tricky, we are progressing really well with and trying very hard with exchanging! We’re also learning the 8 times tables in our Fluency lessons – don’t forget to keep up the practising on TT Rockstars at home.

In Talk for Reading we are reading and analysing a very old poem by Robert Louis Stevenson called ‘From a Railway Carriage’ – today the children demonstrated brilliant inference skills, investigating each rhyming couplet to determine meaning and bring the poem to life in our imaginations!

On top of this, have started learning the names of five vegetables in Spanish; we have investigated the layers of the rainforest in Geography; and created some great food chains in Science. Our new topics are super exciting and we’re looking forward to continuing our learning next week. Today we also received some amazing library books to enrich our learning even more.

In other news… there are some really exciting rewards on offer this half term, both whole-school and within our class. For attendance this term, if our class achieve 96% attendance or above in a week, we get to have HOT CHOCOLATE at break time the following Monday! As well as this, if you individually get 96% or above in a week, your name is written on a special token to be added to a prize draw for the end of the half term! 7 weeks in the term = 7 tokens = 7 chances for your name to be pulled out!

WAIT, there’s MORE!... In Awesome Apple this term, for every piece of homework submitted on a Friday, your name gets added to our very own Year 4 prize draw for the chance to win a prize from our Homework Treat box every week (new homework pick 'n' mix's were brought home today)! Full marks on our Monday spelling tests will also get you an extra admission into the draw! See the pictures below to explore your choices…

I can’t wait to see what amazing work we get up to next week and am really looking forward to seeing so many of you for our Termly Learning Conversations. See you on Monday!

Awesome Apple have had another amazing week this week...

In Talk for Writing, we finished learning our text map and had lots of fun working as a team to put each sentence in order today! In Maths, we have mastered subtraction of 4 digit numbers with exchange, something we found tricky at the start but are now experts! We have also really enjoyed finishing our learning of the poem From a Railway Carriage in Talk for Reading. 

We’ve also started exploring Christmas stocking designs in DT, learning vegetable names in Spanish, discovering more about the Amazon Rainforest in Geography, and learning about the story of Diwali in RE. We have also made predictions for our first Science experiment of the half term - we wonder: what will happen to the eggshells (which are very similar to the enamel of our teeth) when kept in different liquids. We can’t wait to observe the outcome and compare to our predictions! 

Today the children brought tears to our eyes with their beautiful singing in our Remembrance Day assembly. They showed so much respect as they honoured and paid tribute to those who fought, and those still fighting, in wars across the world. Well done to all. 

Thank you so much to all those that met with me this week to discuss your children’s amazing progress so far in Year 4. It was wonderful to meet you all properly and show off the incredible work Year 4 have been doing! If you missed it this week but would still like to speak with me, please catch me on the playground and we can arrange a phone call. 

Finally, a huge well done for all the amazing homework submitted this week. So many names were put in the ‘hat’ and our first prize was won!!! How exciting. Have an amazing weekend, and I can’t wait to see your odd socks on Monday to kick start Anti-Bullying Week. 

Well done on another fantastic week to all Year 4 Awesome Apple! We are absolutely smashing this half term, and I am so impressed with the progress everyone is making.  

We have started innovating our model recount in Talk for Writing, with some brilliant recounts of Charlie’s ‘The Day I Met the Mysterious Willy Wonka’ or Matilda’s ‘My First Day of School’. The children have amazed me with their ability to apply their knowledge of a character from a famous book and write in first person to recount their experiences.  

In Maths, we have started our new topic of Perimeter in which we are building on our skills learned in Year 3 to do some excellent work. We have also begun reading The Five Children and It in Talk for Reading and are having lots of fun exploring the character ‘It’ or ‘the Pssamead’.  

In Science, we observed the results of our experiment, which turned out to be pretty gross – we’ll be avoiding coca cola and orange juice for a while!!! In Spanish, we learned the names of another five vegetables, which was lots of fun. We explored some more benefits of the Amazon Rainforest in Geography, this time thinking about how the rainforest benefits humans, from providing medicines, wood for our furniture, and a home for indigenous people. We also worked on our sewing skills in DT which brought out a very creative side among a lot of the children!  

This week was also very special as we celebrated Anti-Bullying Week with odd socks day as well as a really special visit from Service 6 who helped us ‘dig deep’ into the meaning of bullying and who we can ‘reach out’ to. We made a hand of trust with all the people we could reach out to if needed. We also had lots of fun in our sponsored spot jump today to raise money for Children in Need. Children should have their sponsorship forms for family and friends to fill in if they would like to sponsor the children for this and raise even more funds for an important cause.  

Finally, another amazing prize was won today from our ‘Homework treats’ box – well done for all the amazing homework completed this week, including full marks on spelling tests from lots of children! I am also very pleased with everyone who is logging on to TT Rockstars at home, ticking off the Maths box in their homework pick ‘n’ mix. Children should have brought home their logins in case they didn’t have these before, and have had a good practice with Miss Jones on how to use it. I can’t believe how good we are getting at our Times Tables! 

That’s it for another week! We’re getting excitingly close to Christmas now!... Have an amazing weekend and see you next week for more fun.  

Wow, what a week it has been! The children have worked so hard this week, despite being faced with numerous NTS test papers, and have impressed me enormously with their effort, determination and resilience. The whole class have worked their socks off to show me what they know and have taken every paper in their stride with very no complaints (ok, maybe a little!) I hope every child is super proud of themselves, and I want to remind them again that anything they didn’t know/were unable to answer is not their fault, but mine, and all the results do is show me what I need to teach them!  

Aside from test papers, the children have had lots of fun this week in the rest of our learning, from discovering how the internet works in Computing lessons, to finding out the roles of all the different teeth in our mouths in Science! In RE, we learned more about the reasons behind different celebrations that happen during the Christian celebration of Christmas, and we dug deeper into the roles of bystanders to bullying in PSHE.  

Our Spanish lesson was also really fun (as usual!) as we used our new vocabulary learned so far this term to say and write sentences about which vegetables we had in our ‘baskets’! We also enjoyed some more sewing in DT today and learned to sew different patterns onto fabric as well as decorations like buttons, beads and ribbon! Our sewing skills are definitely progressing.  

In Talk for Writing, we finished innovating our recounts and are really excited to write our own independent recount next week about meeting a fictional character. Once we’ve written these, we are going to become journalists and ‘publish’ our recounts in the format of a magazine/newspaper article on the laptops! We can’t wait for you to read them! We have also enjoyed investigating our focus book ‘Five Children and It’ in Talk for Reading, imagining what it might be like to have wings and fly! What would you wish for if you could have any wish from a sand fairy?! 

The children really do deserve to put their feet up over the weekend after so much hard work this week! Have a lovely rest, and see you all on Monday!  

Autumn One

Welcome to our first week in Year 4 Apple class! The children and I have had an amazing week getting to know each other, and have made a fantastic start on all our new topics for this half term.

We especially enjoyed making a mosaic apple made up of the names of all the children in Apple class. This activity reminded us that we are all part of a team and all belong in our new ‘Apple family’.

In Maths, we recapped our place value knowledge and made creatures using hundreds, tens and ones. Then, we worked out which 3-digit number we had created.

We did a wonderful job creating artwork using line drawing and stippling in Art. We learned about hatching, cross hatching and complex hatching.

Best of all, we started learning Spanish this week! A brand new language for most of us (including Miss Walters!) and we had lots of fun learning “el alfabeto español”!

Well done on a brilliant week, I am already looking forward to next week! But first – I think we all deserve a rest! Have a wonderful weekend all.

PS – reminder that PE is on a Tuesday so please wear kit on this day.


It has been another fantastic week in Apple class this week, with so much fun learning going on.

We have finally finished our text map of The Wild Girl in Talk for Writing and are looking forward to sharing this with you at home!

In Art we used our observational skills to draw an image of a real flower. The results were brilliant!

Rounding has been a love/hate topic in Maths lessons this week, but we are definitely feeling A LOT more confident with it now. We also started looking at 4-digit numbers and enjoyed a practical lesson today representing numbers using dienes.

Our power packs are also getting stronger and today we put our Kinetic Letters skills to the test and started learning some new letter formation to improve our handwriting. The children were really eager to try this out.

We also had some great discussions in our Jigsaw (PSHE) lessons where we spoke about who was a part of our school community and that no role was more important than another. 

Another huge well done on a great week. I am so proud of everything we have achieved already! Enjoy the weekend, and see on Tuesday (remember Monday is Bank Holiday for our beloved Queen's funeral). See you then. 




Week 3 – done!!!!! And what a fantastic week it has been (we seem to be having a lot of those don’t we!)…The children are really settling into Year 4 now and have learned so much already. We are really enjoying all subjects and are delving into all of our new topics with lots of enthusiasm.

A particular favourite is Spanish, in which we have learned the names of five fruits this week! It was wonderful to see how eager all the children were to participate and have a go – even those who are normally very quiet! We continued our place value work in Maths and also tackled number lines to 10,000! We learned about Viking trade in History (they weren’t just blood-thirsty warriors!!), and finished learning a whole ‘family’ of letters in our Kinetic Letters handwriting lessons. We also strengthened our power packs through a planking competition – VERY tough (for me especially!) but we are getting better!

I would like to say a huge well done to all children who put themselves forward as Apple class’s representative for the Junior Leadership Team. We heard some fantastic speeches, and the whole class really demonstrated being respectful to everyone who spoke. After learning about democracy in our PSHE lessons, we put this into practice and voted for who we wanted to be our class rep – results revealed in Monday’s assembly!

Quick notice – Miss Walters is away all day on Tuesday and so the children will have a different teacher for the day. There will be no Mr Bailey for PE, but I can confirm PE will still take place in the afternoon so please do wear kit on Tuesday.

All that is left to say is have a very happy weekend and see you on Monday to welcome three new members of our Apple class!


We are over halfway through the half term! I cannot believe it! Time flies when you’re having fun and we have certainly been enjoying our learning this week.

Week 4 kicked off to a great start with the welcoming of three new members of our class. Awesome Apple have been so kind and supportive to our new children, who have all settled really well.

Our Talk for Writing lessons have been fantastic this week, with the children beginning to write their innovations to our story of The Wild Girl. We definitely have some wild imaginations and amazing writing in Year 4 – everybody should be so proud!

In Kinetic Letters we have finished learning ANOTHER ‘letting family’ this week – we have now learned the Jumper Family and the Abracadabra Family, and the children have started to apply their new handwriting skills across their lessons.

In other learning… we have completed our first Place Value unit in Maths; learned the names of five more fruits in Spanish; discovered what family life was like for Vikings in History (all I’ll say is – poor girls!!!); began planning for our final project in Art all about flora in the Amazon Rainforest; had some really great thoughts about rewards and consequences in PSHE; and FINALLY did some brilliant running for Miss Jones on Thursday morning for cross country trials (letters coming home on Monday for those children selected!)

There has also been a lot of singing going on in Apple class this week: adding to our favourite Spanish song ‘Soco bati vera’, we are also loving singing Mamma Mia in Music and our Roman Numerals song in Maths. We do love a good sing-song!

Overall, another wonderful week. I am especially proud of the children for how hard they worked on Tuesday with their supply teacher Mr Sewell, who had nothing but brilliant things to say about the class.

Proud is an understatement! Now, enjoy a well-deserved weekend of rest!!! See you on Monday for WEEK FIVE!!!



Can you believe we are already in October?! We have kicked off the new month with a bang, with so much more amazing learning and fun going on in Year 4.

In PSHE we focused on teamwork this week and had lots of fun working as a team by using our bodies to create letters of the alphabet! The children followed our new expectations for teamwork and worked well to listen to each other, share ideas, be kind and to have a good laugh too!!!

We finished learning all about the Vikings this week and how the Viking Age came to an end. We learned about the legacy the Vikings left behind, found out we might have a Viking descendant in our class(!) and wrote our names using the Viking alphabet. We are really excited to put all our knowledge to use next week by creating a poster/leaflet telling you all about the Vikings!

In Art we took inspiration from lots of artists, creating mood boards and using these to design our final piece ready to complete next week. Our final pieces are going to exhibit a culmination of the skills we have been learning to create Art inspired by flora found in the Amazon Rainforest.

We were also very excited to finally use the Music room for this week’s music lesson and had so much fun playing the Glockenspiel to the song we have been learning this term – Mamma Mia by ABBA. The children were really quick to identify the pulse and play the G note along to the chorus. It was fantastic!

In other lessons… We are getting really good at naming fruits in Spanish, including the plural, and used our knew language skills to read The Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish! We have learned TWO more letter ‘families’ in Kinetic Letters (the Window Cleaner Family, and the Special Squirter) and are really enjoying applying this to our writing. We have finished planning and storyboarding our own adventure action story ready to write next week in Talk for Writing, and are excelling in our new Place Value unit in Maths.

Our Harvest assembly practise has been going great and we're looking forward to performing for you on Wednesday. If children would like to practise again at home, our poem is attached!

Well done on another great week, and good luck to Kytlee and Ariya who are representing Team Langland this weekend at the cross country event. See you on Monday!

Another fantastic week here in Apple class, and only one more to go!  We finished learning our two times tables this week and have now started learning the four times table! The children are really impressing me with their times tables facts and fluency. Don’t forget to keep practising these at home using TT Rockstars – please let me know if you are unsure of your login for this.

We finished our Hot Write in Talk for Writing and the children wrote some brilliant stories including lots of skills we have been learning about over the last half term, such as similes, personification, adverbs and emotive verbs. We are really looking forward to starting our new unit next week!

In History we rounded off our learning of the Vikings by creating posters on all of the facts we know. What a fun topic it has been! We had another go at using the glockenspiels in Music and had lots of fun listening to some more ABBA songs. We also started our final project in Art – these are coming along brilliantly, and we can’t wait to finish them next week!

We had a great time in Spanish consolidating our learning of the ten fruits we have been looking at, and can now say whether we like or dislike a fruit in Spanish, as well as asking other people their preferences on fruit! There were lots of Spanish stickers rewarded on this lesson – muy bien hecho!

We have finished learning TWO MORE families in kinetic letters – the Fisher Family and the Slider Family! That is all the letter families learned now and we can’t wait to start learning some number formation next week! Our Maths has also been really progressive and successful this week, with some more rounding, counting in 25s to 10,000, and even starting on negative numbers!

As always, well done on a really super week. We have earned our highest total of recognition points this week and have also earned all 100 points on our hundred square reward chart! This means we are ready to celebrate with a pyjama/movie afternoon on the last day of term (Friday 21st October). Please see the attached letter, which should have also made its way home today.

Enjoy the weekend, and bring on the FINAL week of our first half term in Year 4!




WE DID IT! Autumn Term One of Year Four officially completed. I could NOT be any prouder of this incredible group of children. It has been an amazing half term full of so much progress, fantastic learning and a whole lot of fun. Well done to each and every one of you for making the best start to Year Four.

We’ve had such a brilliant week: our new Talk for Writing unit started with a ROAR – trying to judge the size box needed to fit an adult lion into, listening to terrifying lion roars, and writing some amazing list poems and 5-sentence stories all about lions. More to be revealed next half term…

The children have delved into our new unit in Maths on addition and subtraction, working so hard in every lesson to add some big numbers! We have also been practising number formation in Kinetic Letters with great success! As well as this, we have finished our final piece in Art with some beautiful results, and did some great photo editing in Computing.

Our Harvest assembly was a tear-jerker – the children performed their poem beautifully and enjoyed some tasty apples afterwards, remembering to be so grateful for the precious food we receive. Well done to everyone for being so brave and talking in front of the whole school!

And to finish off the week, we relaxed in our pyjamas, stuffing our faces with chocolate and enjoying a movie. It could not have been more well deserved! I wish everyone the most relaxing and fun half term, and I am already excited to welcome you all back on Tuesday 1st November (in PE kits!) for another amazing term.

See you soon.

Miss Walters x