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Year 5


Welcome to Remarkable Rowan Class

Class Attendance this week

 96.2% - What a fantastic improvement this week!! We were able to hit over 96% and will receive our hot chocolates on Monday at Break Time. Keep up the hard work and 22/27 children were able to put a golden ticket into the box ready for the end of term draw.

Weekly notices

  • Swimming is on Fridays - please bring your swimming costume with you in the morning
  • Homework is collected and marked every Friday
  • Spelling tests are every Friday
  • Please remember to read everyday at home so that you can move up the reading rocket and to practise time tables on TT Rockstars
  • By the end of term - Year 6 Caldecotte Trip letters need to be handed in ready for the deposit instalment. Please can you hand these in to me or the office as soon as you can! Alternatively, please feel free to ask for a new letter if you have lost/haven't received one. Many thanks!

Let's take a look at our learning journey throughout the term...

Autumn Term 1

We welcome you to our first week in Rowan class! We have all had an amazing week and enjoyed some new and interesting topics.

Our favourite lesson this week was in Art. We enjoyed creating different small intricate patterns using a black fine liner pen. We then had to ensure our patterns were linked together. This helped us to see how detailed we could be in a picture.

In Maths, we recapped our knowledge on place value and made our own 'hook the duck' game. In the game we had to hook a duck, each duck was worth either one, ten, hundred, thousand and ten thousand. We were able to then put our place value counters onto our chart to work out how many points we collected over time.

We also really enjoyed learning about the Industrial Revolution in History. We talked about what different machines we had seen or heard about and put different events into a timeline to see when and where it took place.

Best of all, we started learning about our new Handwriting scheme called Kinetic Letters. We carried out an activity to see what our pencil hold and posture looked like. We then learnt our new pencil hold and an overview on how we can form out letters. Our favourite part was learning about our strength and animal positions. These were called: meerkat, bear, penguin, lizard and stone lion. 

Well done on a fantastic week Rowan class! You should be really proud of yourselves on how well you have settled into Year 5!

Kind Regards, 

Miss Fisher.

It has been another fun-filled week in Rowan Class this week. Their learning styles and motivation in all lessons has been fantastic.

We have been text mapping and having a go at writing our own short burst writing in Talk for Writing. Rowan's class ideas have been amazing and extremely creative!

In Art they were able to build on their mark making and patterns joining to create a much larger piece of work with one point perspectives.

We were able to work extremely hard in Maths this week. Using number lines, part-whole models and even creating our own ways of working out a number. We were able to use different resources to make a ten thousands number.

We put our Kinetic Letters skills to the ultimate test and learnt about new ways of writing kinetic letters. We remembered our strong writing positions and were able to sit in the correct and comfy position to do our learning. I hope you are able to see their fantastic positions at home.

The children, as always, were amazing in their Spanish lesson this week. They were learning new phonetic vocabulary to understand how Spanish words are made. 

Super effort this week! Have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards, 

Miss Fisher.

We always have a fantastic week in Rowan Class but this week the children have been working extremely hard!

It really doesn't feel like we have jumped up to Year 5 as the children are still motivating themselves to infinity and beyond. We have explored a lot of new and interesting topics, which have shown what amazing perseverance the children have.

We have been carrying on with our Kinetic Letters lessons. We are now very confident in using our strong pencil hold and using different animal positions in all of our lessons. We have learnt a whole letters family called the 'Jumper Family'. We have made a great start at viewing a new letter family called the 'Abracadabra Family' which we are excited to explore further! The class really enjoyed using the scared and brave monkey to correct their letter formations. Our ultimate favourite writing position has become the Meerkat!

We have been continuing our suspense writing in Talk for Writing this week. We have successfully created an amazing story map throughout the model text, which enabled us to understand the text thoroughly. The class worked together and created a well thought out suspense writing criteria, ready for when they create their own story. We even managed to individually summarise the text in only 5 words! (which was very tricky - however, of course we managed it)

Rowan Class have now finish their first Maths unit called Place Value within 100,000 and have even started to investigate Place Value within 1,000,000!! We used our place value grids, counters and even used the tricky number lines! By using our fantastic equipment, the children were able to figure out how many hundred thousands, ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens and ones were in a number. We were then able to add much larger numbers together. 

Our key highlight of the week was preparing the speeches for the Class Rep for the Junior Leadership Team. Some children in the class were extremely brave and wrote their own speeches for the class to explain why they were the best candidate for the role. They then performed this in front of the class (very confidently, I must say!) They should be extremely proud of themselves!

Super well done this week Rowan Class. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Kind Regards, 

Miss Fisher.

Another great week in Rowan Class! Over half our first term complete and the children have produced some amazing work this week!

The children have been great in maths this week - we have been building on our place value knowledge up to 1,000,000! The children were able to discuss where a number would be on a number line, comparing large numbers to determine each value of the digit and even round them to the nearest 10,100, 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000! We started to look at how to interpret negative numbers in context, counting forwards and backwards with positive and negative whole numbers.

The children really enjoyed starting to innovate their own suspense opening and build up story. They worked extremely hard to plan their own using our toolkits. I was super impressed with the fantastic ideas the children had to make the reader feel suspense. 

In History, the children loved learning more about the Industrial Revolution and the advantages and disadvantages of steam trains. The children then had a debate to show for and against them using steam trains. Their ideas were yet again brilliant and produced a well thought out debate against one and other. 

Rowan Class love our new Kinetic Letters writing scheme and have got stuck into the different letter families using our power packs!! We now know each and every animals position we can use to better our writing.

Near the end of the week, the children really enjoyed their cross country try outs - this was running around the playground in only 5 minutes!

Super well done this week, and have a wonderful weekend!

Kind Regards, 

Miss Fisher.

What a fantastic week we have just had, a fun but full packed journey! Super well done Rowan Class!

We have been working extremely hard this week.

In Maths, we have been practicing our addition and subtraction skills. We have started with Addition this week and built on how to use our place value grid and why we need to pay close attention when working out on our column method.

In Talk for Writing we were able to finish our own innovated shared writing and planned our invention using our boxing up grid. We even wrote our first paragraph for our Hot Write as an opening and build up to a fantasy story creating suspense. The ideas were absolutely incredible and they should all be extremely proud of themselves.

In Art this week we based our findings on Lowry and were able to think and evaluate a range of his paintings to notice the similarities and differences. Our key questions were: Why were some of his paintings similar? What feelings did he want to portray throughout his artwork?

In Science we carried out an experiment on how the Moon was made. We were able to describe how it was made and how crates were made. We even found out that the Moon is made from rock and is believed to have been created 4.5 billion years ago following a massive collision involving the Earth.

Well done Rowan Class and keep up the good work. Have a fabulous weekend!

A special well done to Rayan, Hayden M, Kayson, Gabi, Alwiya and Molly-Jay for taking part in the Cross Country at MK Bowl. You all did absolutely amazing and I was so proud watching!

Kind Regards, 

Miss Fisher.

Only one more week left of term and Rowan Class have had a great week!

This week in fluency, we really enjoyed learning more about our 4 times tables and are going onto learning our 8 times tables. We learnt a lot of new facts about the fours and were able to task ourselves in the fluency tests. All the fantastic effort in class and TT RockStars can be easily seen! Remember the more you practice at home, the stronger you will become!

In Maths we have been learning about Addition and Subtraction. This has been through addition/subtraction column methods and how we can figure out how to put our numbers into the correct place value. We found subtraction on a column method with exchanges tricky on the first lesson but when we recapped this the next day, we were able to discuss how to exchange a number from the 100's into our 10's.

In Talk for Writing we started our new unit and this is about a Tale of Fear leading up to writing an exciting story that contains suspense based on a plot of overcoming fear. We were able to complete a great effort at our cold task and even created some fantastic Short Burst Writing poems that we created around fear using our every day toolkit!

In Art, we were able to start our finished street scene picture inspired by the influence of the artist Lowry. The outcomes were brilliant and every single child produced a careful and precise scene. We had to follow clear instructions step by step to ensure our street scenes were looking into the distance using our horizon lines and point perspectives.

We were able to learn all letter families in Kinetic Letters and even pushed ourselves in forming our numbers and capitals letters using our KL strategies. We will next be looking how to form single pairs and words using the sand and whiteboards. We must remember to use our animal positions to remain comfy whilst writing.

Super well done to everyone this week and roll on our last week!!

Kind Regards, 

Miss Fisher.

What a fantastic Autumn Term One! We completely smashed our work and had a great term!

We have had an amazing week together this week. We have been looking through our new tale of fear unit and it is so exciting! We looked at how we could create fear by going into a dark room and then into a light room to explore the differences in emotions. We are able to write some amazing list poems and building on our Transferable Sentence Patterns. We can't wait to get stuck into the unit after half term.

We were able to finish our maths unit, which was: Addition and Subtraction. They worked incredibly hard in every lesson to understand how to add and subtract using with/without exchanges. They really impressed me and could even talk me through their method.

In Computing this term, we had an embedded unit which was done over a two hour lesson. The children had to identify the shapes that are used to make vector drawings. They were able to create their own vector drawing by moving, resizing, rotating, and changing the colours of a selection of objects. They also learnt how to duplicate the objects to save time and overlap them to make a picture. It was so much fun!

Our Harvest assembly happened this week and WOW! Their performances of the poem were sensational – the children performed their poem and were able to explain the importance of celebrating harvest and what we can do to support others who are struggling.

At the end of the week, we had a fantastic party to celebrate all of the good behaviour and achievements this term. We had sweets, popcorn, colouring and even got to watch a fantastic movie! They absolutely deserved the reward! Super well done! 

I am pleased to tell you how proud I am of the children in Rowan Class - they are striving to complete their work, using kinetic letters in their handwriting and so much progress can be seen. They are a funny and charismatic class and we have so much fun!

I hope you have an amazing half term and I can't wait to see you all back for Autumn Term 2!

Kind Regards, 

Miss Fisher.

Autumn Term 2

What a brilliant start to Autumn Term 2. The children, as always, have been working extremely hard to build their understanding of a unit and practice their improved handwriting.

Our week has been very creative and exciting this week. 

In Talk for Writing, we have enjoyed digging into the text and carrying out tasks to understand how it is structured and what certain words mean in a sentence. We used inference to understand what the text was saying and this enabled us to discover our thoughts around it. 

In Talk for Reading this week, we have been reading and annotating our new book: Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce. From only exploring the front cover and blurb, we were able to write: I know, I think i know, I wonder. This helped us to build a bigger picture on what we predict is going to happen in the story.

We were able to start our new Maths unit which is called: Graphs and tables. We have been looking at how to read graphs and how we can use different tables to input data into line graphs. The children have worked really hard at this and have been amazing at differentiating the key skills.

In Geography this week, we started our new unit about two different places with the same name in the UK and USA. These were Northampton in the UK and Northampton in Mississippi in the USA. They were able to show the difference between the places and which one they would prefer to live in through their characteristics.

At the end of the week, we had a fantastic time looking into Guy Fawkes Night for the 05/11. We researched about it and learnt what the day represented, we had hot chocolates and even watched a movie about it whilst colouring in Fireworks pictures.

I am extremely impressed in their efforts this week and they have worked very hard! 

They also had a brilliant first swimming lesson this week - they had to show what level skills they had in the pool to determine the group they were in. 

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Kind Regards, 

Miss Fisher.

Well done to Remarkable Rowan Class for another fantastic week! 

They have been working extremely hard in every aspect of their learning.

In Talk for Reading this week, the children have been learning how to retrieve information from the text. They then had to use that information to answers questions about the text using inference. We really enjoyed reading more of the book Tom's Midnight Garden and understanding what the text means.

In Talk for Writing, we were able to complete our boxing up grid to use in our innovation. We are extremely excited to start our shared writing on Monday about our own tale of fear. We have some amazing ideas and hope to create the most fearful tales!

In Maths, we have made a good start at our new topic called Multiplication and Division. We have been looking at multiples of a number such as 2 ,4, 6,10 on a 100 square. 

In DT this week, we have started to look at how bridges are made and what we need to include to hold a certain weight. We made our own bridges out of paper and had to make it strong enough to maintain straight whilst holding weights.

In Geography this week, we have discovered about time differences in different countries. We had to circle the UK and USA and discovered that there was a -4 difference.

We also learnt about where you can go to feel peace and stillness. We listened to calming music and imagined what it would feel like to be peaceful and why this matters in a place of worship.

Each and every child this week have made me extremely proud with all of their hard work! They especially impressed me with their ability to be brave and behaved at their swimming lessons. They were incredible and had so much fun learning!

It was lovely to speak to parents at TLC's this week and show them how amazing their children really are! The children in Remarkable Rowan Class deserve to show off their fantastic work. I have managed to talk to a lot of parents but I am more than willing to talk to anyone else over the phone or in person if you missed it, just let me know.

A massive well done this week and I can't wait to see even more pieces of well-thought out work. Remember it is Odd Sock Day on Monday to mark the start of Anti-Bullying Week in celebrating what makes us all unique and to spread kindness.

Have an amazing weekend!

Kind Regards,

Miss Fisher.

I am extremely proud of Rowan Class this week!

Everyone as a class are working incredibly hard in all aspects of their learning journeys and all are showing great progress. (even at the beginning of the year!)

In Talk for Writing, Rowan Class have spent this week innovating their tale of fear, with some fantastic and creepy tales about a ‘mysterious creature’ that continuously creates a theme of suspense. I have been very pleased with the children’s capability in creating their own tale of fear using their own made character description. Miss Fisher has been spooked this week and can’t wait for your own inventions!

In Talk for Reading, we are coming to the end of an amazing book called Tom’s Midnight Garden. The class really enjoyed walking through Tom’s journey into the secret garden and building on their retrieval.

In Maths, we have had a really good start at Multiplication and Division this week. We have been using cubes to explore what is meant by multiples, factors and prime numbers (not forgetting the sneaky composite numbers – which have more than two factors).

In Geography this week, we were able to explore the question: What are the physical similarities and differences between the two locations? – we worked really hard in finding out the physical features of Northampton, both in the UK and USA. In RE this week, the children were able to research how the bible tells the Nativity story and why it is important near Christmas time. In DT this week, we had the best time planning our truss bridges which we are making next week out of straws. We researched different types of truss bridges, designed what it would look like and labelled key elements of the structure. We can’t wait to make it and test how easily it can withhold 500g at its centre.

We have had quite a busy and fun packed week! It was very special because we were able to raise money for Anti-Bullying Week and Children in Need. We had so much fun in our sponsored spot jump today and did fantastically well. (who knew jumping on and off a spot would be so tiring!) Sponsorship forms were given to all children for their family and friends to fill out to sponsor them to raise funds for Children in Need. These need to be handed in by Next Friday 25th – if you need a new sponsorship form, please don’t hesitate to ask. We also had the privilege of celebrating Anti-Bullying Week by wearing odd socks and we had a great experience from Service 6 who provided a deeper understanding about what bullying is, what we can do to help and how we can ‘reach out’. We then were able to make very creative hands of trust – filled out with all of the people we trust in our lives.

Furthermore, I just wanted to say a massive well done to Rowan Class for their efforts in producing fantastic and well thought out homework this week. I had a look at some creative and interesting bridges designs made at home linking to our DT unit. Keep up with the great homework, TTRockstars and spellings, I am really proud!

We have some amazing class treats happening in Rowan Class very soon!

We will have:

  • For Christmas: Our handmade Christmas post-box in class to put cards inside and to deliver cards to each other starting Thursday 1st December

  • Homework raffle: Each child will get a raffle token stuck into their homework book and at the end of each term, the winning numbers will win a prize starting Monday 21st November

  • For the FIFA World cup: We are having a football team sweep stake in class starting 20th November where each child picks an individual team name out of the hat to see if that teams wins them the prize at the end of the tournament final on 18 December (prize will come after the Christmas holidays)

Have a brilliant weekend and I can’t wait for more amazing learning next week!

Kind Regards,

Miss Fisher. 

This week has absolutely flown by! And what a fantastic week it has been. I couldn’t be any prouder of Remarkable Rowan Class, they amaze me every single day. It makes my job extremely rewarding having such an inspirational bunch of children.

We have been completing our NTS papers this week and they have worked extraordinarily using their strength, motivation and perseverance. Every single child has pushed themselves to the limit and have worked through every single paper with pure determination. I didn’t have one child complain about the tests, they were all buzzing to get stuck in. They are called Remarkable Rowan Class for a reason! They should be super proud of what they have achieved this week. I know some of them will be worried about getting some questions incorrect but this just shows me the things we need to work on this year! (Everyone makes mistakes, remember it is a learning curve)

We have also had fun but interesting learning experiences this week alongside our NTS papers.

In Talk for Writing, we finished inventing our own Tale of Fear stories using our toolkit and boxing up plans. (we even produced our own comic strip showing the journey through our tale of fear) They should be very proud of the well-structured theme of suspense throughout. I know I said I was spooked last week but I definitely felt the fear of their stories and was amazed by their strong vocabulary. Next week, we will be getting stuck into our new unit: To write a discussion around a fantastical creature e.g. Should pixies be kept in cages? Does an elven queen have more power than a human queen? Are sprites responsible for the loss of petals and flowers in some plants? Should boggarts be kept as pets?

Our computing lesson this week was about recognising that data is transferred using agreed methods, networked digital devices have unique addresses and that data is transferred over networks in packets. In RE this week, we learnt about how the bible tells the Nativity story and we were able to produce our own version of the Nativity from another person’s perspective such as Mary, Joseph, the sheep, the wise men, etc. The children found this really fun. We also enjoyed PSHE this week where we learnt about the different types of bullying such as indirect and direct. We made a poster about what each of them are, what we can do to help people being bullied and what good advice we could give to the person bullying - the children were very mature in their responses!

We especially enjoyed Spanish this week where we were able to build on our new vocabulary to find out how we ask for certain amounts of vegetables. We had to make our own sentences and asked each other to act in a supermarket situation. We used vocabulary such as: Un kilo de las judías verdes (A kilo of green beans) We were then able to fill out our word search thinking about which vegetables in Spanish were present.

In Talk for Reading we have very much enjoyed exploring Chapter 5 of our focus book ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ in Talk for Reading, envisioning what a mysterious garden would be like to explore. Next week, we will be finishing the last part of our journey and start our new Talk for Reading book ‘Plants and Trees - The Earth Book’ by Jonathan Litton.

Every single child in Remarkable Rowan Class deserve a well needed rest this weekend, they should be extremely proud of their extreme hard work over the week. We have extremely enjoyed keeping up with The FIFA World Cup 2022 by writing up the scores of the matches each day. The children are very excited at knowing how well their chosen team are doing (the prize is starting to come closer!) And we were even able to enjoy our cupcakes this week because we WON the sponsored spot jump competition with a whopping 1,844 jumps!!

Have a great weekend and a big rest. I can’t wait to see you all on Monday!

Kind Regards,

Miss Fisher.