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Year 5


Welcome to Remarkable Rowan Class

Weekly Notices

  • Swimming is on Friday - please wear your swimming costume under your uniform and bring a bag with a towel
  • Spelling tests are on and marked every Friday
  • Pick 'n' mix homework is available every half term 
  • Please remember to read and practise time tables on TTRS everyday at home

Important Information

Group 1 and 2 Spellings

Group 2 is highlighted in yellow.

Year 5 Spellings Autumn Term 2.pdf

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Let's take a look at our learning journey throughout the term...

Autumn Term 2

What a fantastic first week back we have had!

A great introduction into Autumn Term 2 for Year 5. The children amaze me every single day with their effort and determination across the curriculum. This week, the children have worked really hard to build their understanding of new concepts and use this in their further learning.

In Music this week, we started our new unit called ‘Classroom Jazz’. We listened to the Three Note Bossa and learned to play the tune whilst reading instructions. We improvised this by using instruments and warm-up games. We then started to practice our performance as a class.

In Maths, the children started their new mathematical topic called Statistics: Graphs and Tables. They delved into how to draw line graphs and looked at how to read and interpret them. They then developed their understanding of how to read and interpret tables to understand how to calculate the amounts over time.

In Talk for Writing this week, the children started the new unit which includes an explanation text called Why Dragons are Extinct. By the end of the unit, the children will be able to write their own explanation leaflet about an area of their choice. The class enjoyed our hook day, creating a fantastic short burst write and started to interpret the model text.

I look forward to hearing about their weekend and a fun-filled week ahead.

Kind Regards,

Miss Fisher.

This week in Talk for Writing, the children have been learning more about what an explanation text is and what language techniques we can pick out from the model text.

The children were superstars in Maths this week, we started our new unit: Multiplication and Division (1). They were able to find multiples, common multiples, and factors. They used multi-coloured counters to understand the method of working out the sum.

In Talk for Reading, the children delve into Tom’s Midnight Garden. They read each part of Chapter 5 and highlighted key information needed to produce inferences from the text. They then answered retrieval questions using the information they found before.

The children have brought extreme amounts of energy this week and have shown me just how determined they are to produce fantastic and well-thought-out work.

In Geography this week, the children were able to explain that there are different time zones across the world. They discovered what a biome is and could explain that Northampton (UK and North America) are both deciduous forest biomes. We then had our weekly class vote!! Which Northampton is better? (UK or USA)

In Science this week, the children explored the different elements that make up the solar system and that the planets orbit the Sun. They then had to research the different elements of the solar system using websites of their choice. They were then encouraged to research the different planets, asteroids, meteoroids, and comets.

Thanks to all parents for attending parents evening, I loved sharing with you how well your children are doing and it was great to meet you properly! I look forward to our next meeting soon.

Have a great weekend all!

Kind regards,

Miss Fisher.

We really do have such amazing weeks in Remarkable Rowan class!

The children have worked extremely hard this week and have enjoyed looking deeper into a range of interesting topics.

In maths this week, the children were able to understand how to work out what common factors, prime, and square numbers are using the CPA approach. We watched a funny video together about prime numbers and worked together to solve the mathematical problems.

We wrote our innovations this week and used our toolkit around what an explanation text should look like. The language and grammar used in their writing are amazing!

In Talk for Reading this week, the children looked at summarising each extract from Chapter 5. They needed to use the PEE approach and go back through each extract to highlight the key points throughout the story.

In DT this week, the children were able to explore the ways in which trusses can be used to strengthen bridges. They used straws to make different truss designs of their choice – making them as sturdy as possible. This has been our favourite lesson so far and it was great!

The children were extremely lucky to be part of the Picture News live assembly on the video to promote the importance of Protected Characteristics on Tuesday. The children were able to reflect on how this links to the British Values we used in school and our own class values. They also discussed how everyone should be treated equally and came up with fantastic ideas on how the school can promote this.

Super well done on an awesome week and have a restful weekend ready to start fresh in NTS papers next week. I am looking forward to seeing how far the children have come and how much they have learned so far in Year 5.

Each and every child should be extremely proud of themselves going into these papers! These tests are for me to see how the children are doing and what support I may need to put in place to support their development further!


Kind regards,

Miss Fisher.

I am extremely proud of Remarkable Rowan class this week! They have worked exceptionally hard on their NTS papers throughout the week. They have made sure to motivate each other and practice techniques they need to know to answer the questions.

In Talk for Writing this week, they were able to finish their independent application around an explanation text and were able to publish this into a leaflet. They were excellent!

In Maths this week, the children were able to experiment with cube numbers, learning how to make them out of multi-link cubes and understand what is meant by a cube number.

In Talk for Reading this week, the children were able to work as a class to build questions they wanted to ask the main character ‘Tom’. They then split into groups and decided which person would be Tom. The questions and responses from all the children were great and they showed me that they understood what happened throughout the story ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’.

In Geography, pupils were able to record the physical similarities and differences between both locations UK vs USA. They were able to make these comparisons by looking at the Physical features of both places and briefly comparing the weather.

What a great week it has been this week.

Have a lovely well-rested weekend.

Kind regards,

Miss Fisher.

Happy 1st December Remarkable Rowan class!

Another fantastic week strengthening our understanding of new concepts and working extremely hard to improve our work.

In Talk for Writing this week, the children enjoyed learning our new model text ‘The Netherfield Frost Dragon’ and have produced a range of effective poems describing their dragon creations. We are looking forward to learning the model text fully next week and creating our story maps. We are learning how to produce an information text and how we can effectively use the toolkit to structure it well.

In Talk for Reading, the children have discovered all about rainforests in the Tree of Life text understanding how to find out how a statement can be true or false and using evidence to support this. Next week, the children will be moving on to the text ‘Preserving the Rainforest’ learning to retrieve information from the text to write a response.

In Maths, the children have built an understanding of how to multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1,000. We looked at how stem sentences can help us to understand the process of working out the answer. Our favourite was: ____ divided by one hundred is equal to ____.

In the wider curriculum, we were able to ask our peers what the date was in Spanish and built responses to answer back in a conversation. In DT, we built bridges by using materials around the classroom. The children had to plan their experiment and were able to use two chairs to make a bridge using rulers, trays, and books. In Computing, we looked at how to research vital information needed to answer a question. We even researched strange Guinness World Record facts!

We also had the opportunity to create tree decorations for the Urgent Care team to display in the waiting room. We did this when practicing our Christmas songs for our Carols by Candlelight performance.

Keep up the tremendous work and have a great weekend!


Kind regards,

Miss Fisher.

Autumn Term 1

What a fantastic first week we have had in Year 5!

The children have amazed me with how resilient they can be and have settled into Remarkable Rowan Class extremely well. They have also shown just how much they respect the school rules and can explain why it is important to maintain this around the school. They have worked very hard in their learning this week and have enjoyed diving into our interesting curriculum.

In PSHE this week, the children were introduced to the new Zones of Regulation that will be used throughout the school. They will be learning about how they can self-regulate and manage their emotions. The class learnt about the four zones: blue, green, yellow and red and discovered how they can match their emotions to the different zones.

In Maths, the children built on their understanding of place value and looked at how this can be represented through place value counters and grids. They were then able to understand numbers up to 10,000 and how to round them using the rhyme: 5 and above give it a shove; 4 and below keep it down low.

In History this week, we started the topic around the Industrial Revolution and what it was like to live without it. They were then able to write their own information page about how poverty and education were different before it had happened.

I am extremely proud of their determination to join Year 5 on the first week back and can’t wait for another fun-filled week next!

Kind Regards,

Miss Fisher.

Welcome to our first full week of learning at school!

With no surprise, we have had another fantastic week delving ourselves into a range of different topics.

In History this week, we discovered why the invention of steam power was so important. The children then wrote a poster to advertise James Watt’s machine. The children had to think about the different ways the steam engine could be used, how it worked and how he had improved it from Savery’ and Newcomen’s original machine.

In Talk for Writing this week, the children have produced a range of impressive short burst writes where they used certain techniques picked out of the toolkit. We looked at writing poetry around settings and how the children can put this into prose. The level of vocabulary and effort in these pieces was incredible!

In maths this week, we were learning about comparing and ordering numbers to 100,000 and rounding numbers within 100,000. At the beginning of the week, the children found this quite challenging but through learnt techniques and determination, the children have mastered this and become maths superstars!

I have also been extremely impressed with Remarkable Rowan this week as they have powered through and shown me how amazing they are at Kinetic Letters. They are able to correctly show me their seating position, and pencil hold and can remember every letter pattern rhyme. Learning to write letters using joins has been hard but the class have shown me just how determined they are in using it in their writing.

What a great week we have had – I can’t wait for another great week ahead!

Kind Regards,

Miss Fisher.

Another outstanding week in Remarkable Rowan!

The class have shown that they are able to apply newly taught skills to their work throughout the curriculum.

In Talk for Reading this week, the children have been analysing the book: The Promise by Nicola Davies. They were learning how to make inferences from examining each page. The children loved the activity where they had to stand in two lines and the girl from the story walked through whilst they were giving advice on why someone might steal. They then produced fantastic responses detailing why they made their statement and how they could help the girl.

In Science this week, Year 5 explored why we get day and night. They were then able to explain how the rotation of the Earth on its axis results in day or night. They produced an annotated diagram to show the rotation of the Earth/day and night.

In Talk for Writing this week, the children produced even more short burst writing examples, looking at poetry, similes, metaphors and turning this into prose. They focused on characterisation and looked at a mysterious man with wings. The children then produced fantastic poetry using the toolkit and used the vocabulary to produce a piece of writing as if they had seen the man themselves.

In maths this week, we were learning about comparing and ordering numbers to 1,000,000 and rounding numbers within 1,000,000. The children were then able to place the numbers onto a number line using their knowledge of place value.

I have also been extremely impressed again with the class this week as they have been practising their Kinetic Letters in their writing. They are able to correctly use their practice patch to model how their writing should look and which letters are allowed to join. The children are also able to show me how their seating position should look and the importance of this when writing.

I look forward to the next week ahead full of amazing work!

Kind Regards,

Miss Fisher.

A fun and busy week for Remarkable Rowan class!

In Talk for Reading this week, the children explored The Promise and discussed how the city had changed from a girl planting just acorns. We noticed why the acorns were special and how they impacted everyone who lived or went to the city. They were able to make inferences on important parts of the story and how they could back up their writing using evidence. They even managed to produce a fantastic class poem called The City of Despair and then changed this into their own poems called The City of Hope. The children could explain the reasoning behind the two poems and what vocabulary they could pull out from the book to explain just how much it had changed.

In Science this week, Year 5 explored what we mean by a year. They were then able to explain that one year is the time taken for a planet to complete one orbit of its Sun and that for Earth this is 365¼ days!! This information amazed the class and they were then able to produce an annotated diagram to show the orbit of the Earth around the Sun.

In Talk for Writing this week, we started our new Talk for Writing unit around a warning story called The Canal with a focus on setting. We discovered the dangers surrounding places such as canals, railway tracks and electricity power lines. The children were able to produce fantastic spine and list poems around different settings. After our fantastic hook day around dangerous places, the children looked at producing their own sentence patterns and detailed story maps.

In Maths this week, we were learning about negative numbers and how they are represented on a thermometer and counting in 10s, 100s, 1,000s and 10,000s using a place value grid to represent their number. The class then looked at number sequences and how they could discover the pattern throughout. We finished the week with the end-of-unit check and look forward to starting Addition and Subtraction next week!

I have also been extremely impressed with the class this week in their spelling tests this week. They have worked hard at home and in school to practice them and looked at how words including -able can be made using the root word and adjective. Their scores were fantastic and with frequent practice

I wish you all a fantastic weekend and can’t wait for the next week ahead full of amazing work!

Kind Regards,

Miss Fisher.

Another wonderful week in Year 5!

In Talk for Reading this week, the children explored the final part of The Promise and discussed what impact the book had on the reader. We noticed that by the girl stealing, she was able to turn her life around and do better for the city. They were able to make predictions about what could happen if there was another book. The children could then write the next part of the story in a way that they interpreted looking at themes throughout the book.

In Science this week, Year 5 explored how we can describe the moon and what it is. They were then able to explain that the Moon is made from rock and is believed to have been created 4.5 billion years ago following a massive collision involving the Earth. We also learned that craters are the impact sites of collisions with meteorites.  Building on the new knowledge they learned, the children were able to write a paragraph to explain how the Moon was formed or how craters are produced. The work was amazing!

In Talk for Writing this week, we delved into our warning story unit and looked deep into the model text The Canal. The children created fantastic text maps and could recall the text verbally. We have been discussing what the tools are that we need to write an excellent setting text and have created our toolkit to use when starting to innovate their own warning stories.

In Maths this week, we were learning about our new Addition and Subtraction unit. The class looked at addition and subtraction mental strategies by working out the answers to mathematical questions using their head. We finished the week by adding and subtracting whole numbers with more than four digits using the column method.

I wish everyone a great weekend and look forward to the week ahead!

Remember to practice your homework spellings daily to improve consistency in learning how to spell using words ending in -ibly and -ably ready for next Friday.

Kind Regards,

Miss Fisher.

Wow – our second to last week of term is finally complete and what a fantastic one it has been!

The children have enjoyed creating their own warning stories in Talk for Writing this week and have started to box up their invention reading to write their hot task next week. I am looking forward to reading about their amazing yet dangerous warning stories focusing on the setting.

In Maths this week, the children have also worked really hard in the addition and subtraction unit. They were able to round numbers to check answers and to try out inverse operations for both addition and subtraction. They have definitely become experts in the area this week!

We have delved into Talk for Reading this week and are building the understanding to retrieve information to use in inference questions surrounding our story of The Promise by Nicola Davies. Next week, the children will read a story called The Flower by John Light, with a similar message, to notice the similarities and differences between texts.

In Art this week, the children have been working through the stages to draw an outline of their street scene using different points of view. They were encouraged to follow each of the steps by making their own choices and decisions. The children are excited to finish their final piece next week using colour and shading to create detail.

Remarkable Rowan can't wait for the Be Our Best Maths Event on Thursday to tell you all about our current learning this term, show you our amazing books and even show you some maths games to build our understanding at home. The event started at 2:30 pm, please come to the office ready for the start in the hall. 

Enjoy the weekend. I am looking forward to a great last week of term!

Kind regards,

Miss Fisher.

And just like that, our final week of term is done! I am incredibly impressed with Year 5 as they have made a fantastic term to the term and have shown they are able to follow the school rules and classroom routines already.

In Talk for Writing this week, the children wrote some remarkable warning stories with clear and concise setting descriptions. The effort the children put into their writing is fantastic and I was even more impressed when they were able to go over and edit their work to publish it.

This week, the children have mastered how to use multi-step problems in addition/subtraction, solving missing number problems and even solving comparison number problems to understand the unit in more detail. I was impressed with their efforts in the End of Unit Check, showcasing their overall understanding and methods.

In Talk for Reading this week, the children read through ‘The Flower’ and used clear inferences to understand the similarities and differences between the two messages. The children were then able to explain their answers to the class in a debate to see if there were any common themes between their understandings of the books.

We had a fantastic end of term recognition party today and reflected on our golden achievements this term!

Now, it's time for children and families to have a great half term and to to rest in a well-deserved week off school!

I hope everyone has fun and stays safe.

Kind regards,

Miss Fisher.