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Langland Community School

                                                                P&S –Physical & Sensory                                                               

Please see the files below to help support your child with their physical and sensory needs.

 1st_Move a gross and fine motor skills resource.pdfDownload
 Assert Yourself - 05 - Reducing Physical Tension relaxation.pdfDownload
 At home with handwriting.pdfDownload
 AtHomeWith_Handwriting1_5-7 (1).pdfDownload
 developing fine motor skills.pdfDownload
 Fine-Motor-Skills-Checklist-Packet 0-6+.pdfDownload
 fine_motor_skills nhs.pdfDownload
 handwriting_development hand strength, legibility, spacing.pdfDownload
 Herholdt Visual perception worksheets-Electronic (1).pdfDownload
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